Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy The management of FINCA AGRÍCOLA EL MURTAL S.L. (EL MURTAL S.L. AGRICULTURAL FARM) advocates for quality of the product, the protection of the people and the environment and the protection of occupational hazards of the workers following with the existing legislation. To achieve that, a consistent policy is established for its attainment based on the accomplishment of: - Compromise of the continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of processes and products, of the environmental behaviour of the organisation and of the safety conditions and the health of the workers, favouring habits and safe personal behaviours.

- Good Hygiene Practices and Cleaning in production, picking, transport and the handling of the operation. - To incorporate the necessary measures in all of the processes for the prevention of occupational hazards to assure that there is a safe practice in the workplace and that all of the workers understand, and have the necessary competence to carry out their tasks, that they are provided with the adequate equipment to be able to work in a safe way and in the case of any accidents, they may be helped in good time and correctly. - Good agricultural practices, managing the raw material, the floor, fertilisation, the Hazard, the handling of integrated pests, the agricultural machinery and the plant-protection products. - Minimalisation of the environmental impact of Agriculture, hindering agricultural pollution and plant-protection products. - Internal based control in technical consulting, analytical control of the crops and the implementation of internal assessment to the operation. - To produce safe products and of high quality, that they fulfill with all of the legal and commercial requirements, through the implication of all the staff of the organisation. - To consolidate itself as a respectful company with its employees and their interests, carrying out adequate, ethical practices. - To produce in a sustainable way by looking after its social pillar, the environment and economy. This document will be checked when there are ever Management changes, with the aim to carry out a continued improvement thereof. Alhama, 24th May 2012 Signed: MANAGEMENT