We define ourselves as a modern, innovative company which is in continuous growth.

We are a family business, with a long tradition in agriculture. Since always have we believed in obtaining the highest of qualities in our products.

In our facilities, we select and pack the best fruit so that you can enjoy it in optimum conditions.


  • Leader in grape farming
  • Ideal Weather conditions

-> Warm temperatures

->  Little risk of rain


  • Good Communications Network

Our clients are the most import asset to us!

We are mainly a shipping company whose fundamental objective is the satisfaction of our clients. To complete our mission, we dispose of our own production farms and an agro-food instustry headquarters in the region of Murcia, where we are able to control each process in a more efficient way thanks to our excellent technical and human team, such as the knowledge that only a long farming professionals which we would be able to provide. 

We aim to take care of the environment by applying respectful techniques to our crops, such as integral protection and the use of ecological products.

In each process, from the picking to the packing of our grapes and stone fruit, the maximum amount of freshness of our products is guaranteed, because we avoid storage, and the fruit goes practically straight from the country to our clients’ tables. 



We have all of the necessary facilities and we own 100% of the production to be able to control the process from the beginning until the end.

We are the growers, we pick the fruit, transport the product which has just been elaborated and then, we are the packers.

Everything is owned by the grower and therefore, the production is integral.

We have strong environmental values, such as part of sustainable agriculture, as well as being ecological in the long term.